What Implementation Processes did you use to Drive End User Participation?

Terry LeDoux
Terry LeDoux ✭✭✭
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@Roy Smithson brought up an interesting point regarding end user/Maintenance Tech buy in to use Augury in the Factory Environment. I am interested in learning how others created a "pull process" within their teams to speed up implementation and ROI. How did your team drive the emotional participation of the implementation and sustain phases?

  1. What were the primary focuses of your kick off meeting with the end users?
  2. Was this project driven by the Factory Maintenance Tech team with support from others or driven by others?
  3. How did you baseline metrics and who selected the metrics?
  4. How did track progress against the implementation schedule?
  5. What was your meeting cadence to keep everyone apprised of the project?
  6. What methods of recognition did you use to identify key successes or people within the factory?
  7. What were the key principles used to move from implementation to sustain mode?
  8. Did you use survey's to aid in determining end user participation?

Many companies are implementing Augury and Digital Tools. This is great forum to share what worked for you to drive employee engagement and excitement around these projects.

Hoping you all will share your journey.


  • Dave Penrith

    Hi Terry, great points in there. When rolling out the transformation that I undertook I focussed on how to turn a “push” of technology into a “pull” for change from the shop floor. We had “imagine if” sessions with the folks on the factory floor to get them to really want to see a difference and be part of leading for that, and then introduced use cases from outside our industry to show them what could be possible. Alongside my commitment that I would help to give them the tools to make their lives better at work and the pull we got from them wanting to be involved and not left behind became the reasons why we moved so fast in my opinion. It is a human journey first in my experience.