Asset List Feedback


My name is Rotem and I am a product manager at Augury. My role is centered around customer onboarding and deployment, ensuring that your deployment is smooth, engaging and user-friendly.

In this quarter, my team and I have set our sights on the first step: the asset list.

As part of our discovery into what works and what doesn't we have a couple questions for you:

  1. How was the asset list experience for you? What was good and what did you think could be better?
  2. How did you choose what assets to put on your original list?
  3. How did you collect the information needed to fill the asset list details? was it by physically walking around the site or was it in files and systems in your office?
  4. What use do you have for the asset list you received post-criticality assessment?

We appreciate your help in allowing us to understand what we can improve!

Thank you,




    1. I think it was well laid out, a slight revamp to highlight the area that is not really needed or just needed for the installation team. The experience for me was a good one. I didn't have too many issues with the list except for maybe some of the assets we have didn't really fall into a category that was provided. Perhaps a description field of what is actually being required and why.
    2. I went with a list of criticalities and compared to other sites that were similar to ours in the USA to see if there was good data and return on monitoring those assets.
    3. I gathered the list by walking the floor and physically gathering the information since some of the data base was dated or equipment modified.
    4. I refer to it to quickly check original values that we sent for input to the system.