Production Health Community Newsletter | February 28, 2023

Samantha Isin
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Latest Discussions

Great opportunity…How to accelerate adoption and reap the benefits?

Alvaro Cuba Feb 27, 2023

Science Fiction made a reality…WiFI sensors capturing real time data across the shop floor combined with the power of AI to monitor the operation, anticipate issues, prescribe solutions, and, communicate directly with the operator and others for immediate action. Machine + Process Health is exactly this and is transforming manufacturing plants and supply chains. We read in the post last week a good example by Invista powered by the Baker Hughes / Augury solution and the immediate results…The tip of the iceberg...Read More

February Product Release

Samantha Isin Feb 23, 2023

Cross-plant performance insights have been added to the Overview Page to provide business leaders the ability to compare machine health trends and engagement and success metrics across buildings, plants, countries, and regions...Read More

What do your sustainability initiatives look like?

Kristen Hoppe Feb 14, 2023

Hi all, I am the Product Marketing Manager focused on Process Health here at Augury, and would love some help with market research. What is your team currently doing to reduce energy, waste, and emissions? Is this a priority for your team this year? What do these initiatives look like within your organization?...View Post

Weekly Best Practices

Trigger Analysis Manually by Logging an Observation on the Machine Page

Ryan Delaney Feb 27, 2023

While having the latest predictive maintenance technology on your machines is phenomenal, we certainly do not want to lose the "boots on the ground" perspective from the people working on and around these machines daily...Read More

Member Spotlight

Meet Ed Michel @ Frito Lay

Samantha Isin Feb 21, 2023

@Ed Michel is a 36-year veteran of Frito-Lay and currently serves as a reliability manager. In addition, he has been a member of the company’s national reliability team for 16 years. Once Frito-Lay began working with Augury, Ed scaled the Machine Health program from pilot to full implementation in just 14 months...Read More

New Articles

Machine Health by Baker Hughes

Samantha Isin Feb 24, 2023

Since Baker Hughes announced its alliance with Augury in October 2021, there’s been much work to combine Augury's AI-driven tech with Bently Nevada’s industry-leading asset-management solutions. Bently Nevada is part of Baker Hughes’ Industrial and Energy Technology solutions...Read More

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