Production Health Community Newsletter | February 21, 2023

Samantha Isin
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New Opportunity

Comparing machines and creating an "industry index' for performance.. would you be interested?

James Newman Feb 16, 2023

Hello all... Alex Pastor started a great conversation about the new compare machines functionality. His request (which we love) is the idea of being able to compare against more than just his own machines, but using Augury's vast database of machines to compare against 'industry best practice' for different types of machines...Read more

Latest Discussions

An Understanding of Production Health

Scott Reed Feb 17, 2023

Based upon the discussions so far, It seems that there exists a very good understanding of Machine Health and the Augury solutions available. However, there are a few previous discussions I had started regarding Production Health and from the lack of responses, I wanted to dive into this a little more and see if this is of interest to the broader community...Read more

Augury Data for Equipment Monitoring Prioritization/Design Considerations

Alexander Pastor Feb 13, 2023

Does Augury track machines by make/type/OEM to analyze what particular kinds of machines experience the most frequent faults? We believe this could be helpful in analyzing the criticality of our current equipment as well as valuable for future equipment/design considerations...Read more

What do your sustainability initiatives look like?

Kristen Hoppe Feb 14, 2023

Hi all, I am the Product Marketing Manager focused on Process Health here at Augury, and would love some help with market research. What is your team currently doing to reduce energy, waste, and emissions? Read more

Weekly Best Practices

Providing Repair Context

Ryan Delaney 6:50 am

When logging a repair in the Augury Platform, it is beneficial to both the user and Augury to provide as much detail as possible. In the repair tool, users are given the opportunity to insert repair context and even attach a file, and Augury recommends both. In the "Set Repair Context & Details," the user should provide a detailed account of the work that has been or will be completed...Read more

Member Spotlight

Meet Ed Michel @ Frito Lay

Samantha Isin 6:38 am

Ed Michel is a 36-year veteran of Frito-Lay and currently serves as a reliability manager. In addition, he has been a member of the company’s national reliability team for 16 years. Once Frito-Lay began working with Augury, Ed scaled the Machine Health program from pilot to full implementation in just 14 months...Read more

New Articles

API Documentation

Use Augury Open APIs in order to:

  • Retrieve machine diagnosed health insights
  • Enrich the machines health context with additional repair or observation data
  • Keep your external system in sync with Augury
  • Generate work orders based on machine diagnosed health changes

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