What do your sustainability initiatives look like?


Hi all, I am the Product Marketing Manager focused on Process Health here at Augury, and would love some help with market research

What is your team currently doing to reduce energy, waste, and emissions? Is this a priority for your team this year? What do these initiatives look like within your organization?



  • Omri Zurawel

    Hi, ICL named 2022 the year of sustainability and so energy, waste and emissions are among the top priorities and respective communication, awareness and various activities of different kinds and scales are underway across the sites globally,

    I'm happy to share and elaborate further as much as you wish to know...

  • Roseburg is using airborne ultrasound surveys to detect and correct compressed air and other leaks. Given that compressed air generally costs 8x electricity, this can have big impact. We are also working the electricity cost savings from machine alignment improvements into our training programs to help raise awareness. Every kW saved is a reduction in emissions from the power company, which benefits everyone.

  • @Omri Zurawel This is great! Can you tell me how ICL how ICL is measuring these sustainability initiatives and what those KPIs look like?