What does the term Digital Thread mean to you?

Scott Reed
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If you are familiar of this term, or have heard of it before, what does it mean to you? How can it be important and useful?


  • The flow of information about a product's performance and use from design to production, sale, use and disposal.

    Historical data to support the life of equipment. Data signature.

  • Scott Reed

    Thanks Jason! Production Health can provide the majority of this if so configured. Other product attributes may also be incorporated via other systems and platforms should they be available. It's also interesting to note that other ecosystems can be generated and analysed from like components of the thread - i.e. all products with materials sourced from supplier 3 or product X produced in June with from extruder D. The digital thread is not only valuable for compliance or cradle to grave/cradle tracking but also benchmarking all the product related touchpoints to reduce variation and improve service.