Augury’s Role in Reliable Airport Baggage Conveyors


The need for reliable baggage conveyors in day-to-day airport operations is obvious - especially if you’ve ever lost your bag after a long flight What may  be less obvious  are the intricate mechanical systems that operate behind walls.  This is where Augury’s technology plays a role, monitoring the conveyor's health and keeping the baggage system up and running. 

Our wireless vibration sensors are mounted to motors and gearboxes, both direct-driven and belt-driven. Additional sensors can be mounted on the machine’s bearings to offer even more insights and comprehensive coverage. 

Vibration, temperature, and magnetic readings are taken every hour. . The data is sent to a local node and uploaded to  Augury’s platform for analysis. That’s where AI and machine learning algorithms are constantly at work, identifying changes in machine performance. All abnormalities are verified by human experts.  Typical malfunctions seen across conveyors are gear and motor bearing wear. In one of our airport customers, we regularly see trends increase related to belt wear over time. As trends manifest in common patterns we can issue an alert to the maintenance team for inspection. This enables the team to make repairs long before failures occur.. This allows for more agile  planning, where airport teams can reroute their baggage systems  if needed. 

Customers utilize Augury’s Machine Health to monitor equipment in hard-to-reach locations. Many times, these problems go unnoticed until they eventually impact the gearbox and motor with increased vibration trends.  Once the inspection has been conducted, airport teams can execute repairs and prevent downtime across their equipment.This adds to the overall value and success of the program.

With constant coverage capabilities, airport maintenance teams use Augury as their go-to tool to plan daily maintenance tasks and ensure bags get to their destination. Without a predictive maintenance tool to help prioritize tasks, valuable hours would be spent tending to machines that are functioning correctly and missing ones that require attention.