Tell me how you want to build your assets!


Hi everyone, I'm Danielle! I lead the Delivery Product group at Augury, in charge of the IoT Deployment & Maintenance products.

One of our current initiatives is to create a digitized experience of the asset build process, where you build your assets lists directly in our platform, rather than the offline spreadsheet that's being used today (See here).

In order to ensure we build a tool that works for our you, we'd be happy to chat with you, to learn about this process from your perspective and share some ideas.If you're interested to hop on a 30 mins call with me and my team, please feel free to find a time that works for you in this link. We'll be giving out badges in the community and swag to anyone who participates!



  • Scott Reed
    Scott Reed ✭✭✭

    Is it possible to build an interface that enables the Augury platform to read directly from the existing asset lists within ERP/MES/CMMS platforms? Seems like the more seamless this can be, the less risk in terms of assuring multiple platform updates as changes may be made.

  • Danielle Bar Shalev

    Hi @Scott Reed , thanks for your comment! I'd love to learn more about this direction and ask you a couple of questions. Would you be interested in chatting about this next week? Thanks!