The Inside Scoop | January 17, 2024

January Product Release

We're pleased to share Augury’s product updates for January 2024. Explore what’s new in 2024 by clicking the links below or viewing the entire release here.

New installation features

Now featuring more user-friendly node installation with UI capability in the mobile app.

Improved advanced sampling

Our improved endpoint sampling efficiency means increased endpoint-to-node ratio, improved battery efficiency, and more, all without compromising diagnostics quality! 

Simplified downtime costs autocomplete

It’s now easier to share important downtime costs avoided. Our newly added customizable cost analysis that lets you automatically generate calculated downtime cost avoided using your facility’s defaults. 

Improved search

You can now search data by Asset ID, Node Serial Number, Machine ID, and more! And  we’ve taken into account typos and word order to make the search bar work better for you.

Requested Onboarding usability

You asked, we’ve answered! We’ve made improvements to the design of the Activation Screen and have a newly designed welcome email, all based on customer feedback.

New Discussions

FAQ: Do we own the hardware? Does Augury own the data or do we own the data?

Do we own the hardware?
Yes, you own the hardware! It belongs to you.

Does Augury own the data or do we own the data?
Great news – you own the data too! It’s your valuable information. We require a perpetual license to use the data, but only to enhance our algorithms and processes.

Cavitation in the AI

Roy Smithson Dec 29, 2023

We had a pump problem and when I checked the AI readings it was showing cavitation. the pump was having cavitation problems, but I did not see any AI alarms for the high clavation readings I was seeing. Is this new? Is there a threshold I could set so that I can get an alarm…Read More.

Using Leader Standard Work to Improve Performance

Nat Mills Jan 16, 2024

Leader Standard Work (LSW) is a tool commonly used in Lean deployments to help leaders understand how their shop floor operations are running and to make improvements.  To understand how to perform LSW effectively, we need to understand the concept of standard work and the required mindsets for LSW to be successful…Read More