Cavitation in the AI


We had a pump problem and when I checked the AI readings it was showing cavitation. the pump was having cavitation problems, but I did not see any AI alarms for the high clavation readings I was seeing. Is this new? Is there a threshold I could set so that I can get an alarm.

Thank you.


  • Let me check in with our internal teams and get back to you with an answer @Roy Smithson

  • Dov Stern

    Thanks for sharing this example @Roy Smithson . Which machine are you referring to? This machine?

    The AI Health Trends graph with the fault confidences is not new - it is available in the SE Machine Page and in the Advanced Analytics Page, which our VAs use. Its main use is as a decision support when reviewing detections. We used to send detections off of the fault confidence, but turned that off because the Anomaly Detectors (Cliff, Trend) caught almost everything the faults did and more. As of now, there is not a way to threshold the confidences in this graph.

    However, the example you shared does show a good case where cavitation picked up on something the other detectors didn't. It raises the question of whether sending cavitation detections will catch events that the other detectors won't, without sending too many false alarms. Looks like it here - I will take it back to our AI Team @Tal Gurevich @Assaf and we can look into it further to improve our pump coverage.

  • Roy Smithson

    Yes, Thank you. Looking at our other pumps we have it is showing the same trends from mid-December.