The Inside Scoop | December 5, 2023

New Guide! Troubleshooting Halo Endpoint IoT Issues 🛠

We're thrilled to release a new guide on troubleshooting Halo Endpoint IoT issues! In this guide, you'll find instructions on how to resolve common ioT alerts for Endpoints and steps to resolve and validate connectivity issues. We hope this helps you maintain your Endpoints and keep things running smoothly. If you have feedback on this guide or questions about troubleshooting Endpoints share them in the community forum for quick answers.

Share your Ideas

Recently Alex Pastor posted an idea in the forum for using a CMMS integration to track and manage IOT health. Would something like this be helpful for you? Read the post and share your thoughts below.

CMMS Integration for IoT Health

Alexander Pastor Dec 1, 2023

As we near the completion of our CMMS integration, I've identified a potential opportunity for improvement that could significantly benefit our operations – the ability to generate work orders for preventive maintenance on batteries and other IoT health issues.

Currently, our internal tracking system relies on quantity-based triggers for reordering batteries and related equipment. However, with Augury's ongoing efforts towards proactively providing batteries, we have an exciting chance to transition to a more advanced and streamlined process.

Having a system that can preemptively generate work orders for PMs based on trendable regression analysis of battery levels seems like a logical next step. Incorporating this into our CMMS would be an even better solution.

Moreover, the concept isn't limited to just battery health; it could be extended to address other IoT health issues, although I anticipate the batteries being the primary benefactor.

Let's open the floor for discussion. What are your opinions on integrating proactive work orders for IoT health issues into your CMMS? Do you share a similar perspective, or do you have alternative suggestions? Perhaps you've encountered similar challenges and found innovative solutions?

Looking forward to a great discussion!

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Navigating your team at Augury

FAQ: Who are my key contacts at Augury?

You may wonder who to go to at Augury when you have questions. Who's the right person for what? Who can you count on? We've assembled this list to give you insights into your key contacts at Augury. Their job is to make you as successful as possible. Use this list as a guide when you have questions! And remember, you can always ask the community.

Your Account Executive (AE) is responsible for helping with new sales, contract questions, or any of the business-related aspects of the partnership.

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is responsible for ensuring your account as a whole is getting what it needs to be successful and report that success internally to your company. You can contact them about renewals, adoption/engagement metrics and reporting, ROI reviews, and other account-related questions.

Your Reliability Success Manager (RSM) is responsible for answering diagnostic questions, platform-related questions, and questions about reliability.

Your Vibration Analyst (VA) Team reviews every detection from our algorithms ensuring that final diagnostic results are as accurate as possible. They can be directly reached anytime by logging a repair, observation, or comment in the machine thread.

Your Support Team is accessible via support tickets which you can see how to submit here. They can help you with questions pertaining to connectivity, platform issues, and hardware or material needs.

Hope this helps! How have you developed your relationships with your Augury team? Is this helpful to you? Do you have any feedback for us?

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