FAQ: Who are my key contacts at Augury?


You may wonder who to go to at Augury when you have questions. Who's the right person for what? Who can you count on? We've assembled this list to give you insights into your key contacts at Augury. Their job is to make you as successful as possible. Use this list as a guide when you have questions! And remember, you can always ask the community.

Your Account Executive (AE) is responsible for helping with new sales, contract questions, or any of the business-related aspects of the partnership.

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is responsible for ensuring your account as a whole is getting what it needs to be successful and report that success internally to your company. You can contact them about renewals, adoption/engagement metrics and reporting, ROI reviews, and other account-related questions.

Your Reliability Success Manager (RSM) is responsible for answering diagnostic questions, platform-related questions, and questions about reliability.

Your Vibration Analyst (VA) Team reviews every detection from our algorithms ensuring that final diagnostic results are as accurate as possible. They can be directly reached anytime by logging a repair, observation, or comment in the machine thread.

Your Support Team is accessible via support tickets which you can see how to submit here. They can help you with questions pertaining to connectivity, platform issues, and hardware or material needs.

Hope this helps! How have you developed your relationships with your Augury team?