The Inside Scoop | November 14, 2023

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Machine Health For Dummies Chapter 6: Ten (or So) Examples of Machine Health Wins

Samantha Isin Nov 13, 2023

Our last one! We're diving into chapter six of Machine Health For Dummies, Augury Special Edition! This chapter shares examples of machine health wins across different manufacturing industries. Take a few minutes to read the chapter and share your takeaways in the comments. Here are some questions to think about…Read More

Navigating Industrial Tech Purchases with Review Sites – Which Platforms Drive Your Decision-Making?

Stephanie Hartsog 6:51 am

When you're considering purchasing new industrial manufacturing technology, do you leverage review sites to help you in your decision-making (review sites may include G2, Capterra, Gartner Peer Insights, TrustRadius)? If so, which site or sites do you depend on? Share your insights here

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Join us for Flip this Factory Episode 4!

Tal Lindenbaum 9:37 am

You’ve amassed loads of machine and process health strategies–now Flip this Factory will show you how to turn production waste into production profits. Episode 4, “Building Less Wasteful, More Sustainable Production,” features Allison Kuhn of LNS Research in conversation with James Newman, Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing at Augury.

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New Training Courses

🌟 Drumroll, please! 🌟

Announcing two additions to the Augury Academy! 📚🎉

🌀 Vibration Basics: Ready to dive into the rhythmic world of vibrations? Explore the magic behind vibration analysis and uncover its secrets for predictive maintenance. Get ready to vibe with us!

🔍 Vibration Analysis in Augury: Lights, camera, vibration! Discover how the theory meets practice in the Augury platform. Uncover the treasure trove of resources waiting for you to unleash the full potential of Augury. It's a journey you won't want to miss! 🚀

So get your learning caps on! These courses are your backstage passes to the wondrous world of Augury. Let’s unlock the secrets together! 🎓💡