Collaboration and Community supercharged by Technology!


The impact that High Tech / AI can have on our Manufacturing Operations and its benefits for revenue, cost, and cash is quickly becoming more clear in the industry. 

But we haven't talked about its impact on collaboration and community. In my experience, this part is as powerful as the operational one and boosts even better results. It empowers, creates synergies, reduces siloes, and eliminates geographical and time barriers.

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples:

  • Operators / mechanics receive notifications and status updates in real-time
  • The entire team works on the same scenario with the same data
  • Corporate, Plant, and Operators get visibility across the board
  • There's real-time connection and troubleshooting among operators of different plants

The simplified workflows, the decrease in mundane task work, and the improved communication and visibility gives you more time to brainstorm, ideate, and generate even better and more safe operating processes and procedures.

Every day we see AI providing new ways to do things on the plant floor, in the company, and in our personal lives. However, it's up to us to embrace this new technology to realize the benefits for our jobs and the working community. It's always difficult to change habits and to open minds but the step change this time makes it worth going for it. Care to try?