The Inside Scoop | November 7, 2023

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Community Feedback Session

We are excited to invite you to a feedback session on November 29th at 7AM MST where your valuable insights will help shape the future of our online community, knowledge base, and academy – The Endpoint.

Please open the event here and click "I'm Interested" and you will be sent the meeting invite with the virtual room details.

Your insights are crucial in ensuring that The Endpoint continues to provide the best possible resources and experience for all our users! We genuinely value your opinions and believe that your feedback will help us enhance the platform to better meet your needs and expectations.

American Food Manufacturing Summit

This month you can find us in the Delegate Lounge at the American Food Manufacturing Summit in Chicago, IL from November 14-15. John Buchalo and Graham Schlanger will be there and can't wait to see you!

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  • Wow. Like it or not, the future will come. It is hard to digest sometimes when we see technology so advance which can replace us. But I feel we have to learn to shift our focus on learning how to benefit from technology.

  • Things will always need repaired.

  • @Lwhitehead, you are so correct about shifting the focus towards how to benefit from the technology. Even with the best of AI, actual human intelligence cannot be replaced. The assimilation of experience with the senses and environmental awareness (human and otherwise) provides the basis for exploiting what the technology has to offer and taking the manufacturing role to a whole new level. Technological integration cannot happen otherwise and those who embrace this not only enhance the value of the other operational systems and programs but also return a higher value within themselves.

    Wishing you the best on your journey!