How do I help my site team get comfortable with this new technology?

Mayra Alosco
Mayra Alosco Staff
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Trust is the number one barrier to adoption. My fellow customer success manager, Jay Long, and I have put together some thoughts on how you can help your site team feel more comfortable with Augury so you can unleash the full capacity of your predictive maintenance solution.

Helping your site team become comfortable with Augury is a multifaceted approach. Clear communication is the cornerstone of this process. Start by conveying the benefits of Augury, addressing any concerns your team might have, and ensuring they understand the full potential of this technology.

To provide your team with the tools they need to succeed, it's highly recommended to explore training and education opportunities, such as the courses available in the Augury Academy. Encourage hands-on exploration during your regular interactions with Augury to help them get a feel for it.

One of the key elements in making Augury a part of your team's toolkit is showcasing its real-world value. Share success stories and practical solutions that align with your team's unique challenges to help them see the benefits in action.

Offering ongoing support is essential. Cultivate a culture of mutual assistance within your team, so they can lean on each other for help. Actively seek feedback to make continuous improvements and ensure everyone is comfortable with Augury.

Introduce user-friendly resources like the Endpoint, which serves as a handy place to find answers when your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Reliability Success Manager (RSM) are not available. This resource can be a lifesaver for your team.

Set realistic expectations, and foster a growth mindset within the team. Be a role model and lead by example. Celebrate achievements and successes, using data-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) as a way to measure progress and demonstrate the value of Augury.

Remember, even though you're working with AI technology, it's all about people.

How have you helped your teams trust the Augury solution?


  • Scott Reed

    Could not agree more regarding communication and trust. You also hit on a key component on the communication front being expectations. Trust can definitely be impacted where expectations are ambiguous or not aligned. Another communication area that I have found impactful to technology adoption and rollout is in the area of roles and responsibilities. It must be clearly defined and communicated as to what's different in the delivery of the technology, how does it impact the current roles and methods employed and who's responsibile for what component of integrating the technology output into the work procedures and methods. Without this transparency and clarity in terms of impact to "business as usual", trust can erode quickly. Bringing everyone into the fold quickly, frequently and at the beginning can minimize the anxiety associated with technological change and the feeling that "my workload just got heavier".