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Recent Events in Israel

Saar Yoskovitz Oct 9, 2023

These past few days have been horrendous and devastating in Israel, and the days ahead will be difficult as well. As we grapple with the reports of injuries, missing people, and loss of life, our hearts are heavy, and our thoughts are with the many people and families affected by these tragic events. The views are inhumane and heartbreaking, not just for those of us who have friends and family in the region, but for everyone around the world who rejects violence and condemns terror.

In this current situation, we will work to ensure the safety and well-being of our teams and our ability to pursue our mission on behalf of our customers. We pray for a peaceful resolution and an end to the violence.

Everyone at Augury appreciates the showing of support we’ve received from around the world. It is comforting to see these signs of friendship and solidarity in the face of such terrible acts.

For our customers and partners in Israel, we offer our total support, and all of our resources are at your disposal. We share in your grief at the losses you have suffered.

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