Thinking Beyond the Fix


Good afternoon Community!

It should be no surprise that one of the biggest justifications for deploying machine health solutions is the proven reduction of unlanned downtime and the risks associated with catestrophic failure. These are huge wins for any manufacturing or producing operation. However, even with these newly adopted capabilities, many times it's difficult to get beyond the fast, instinctual and emotional "system 1" thinking in terms of the correction of the present issue as other needs of the Enterprise must also be addressed. Depending upon the culture of the organization (or pressures from and patience of management), understanding the necessary and meaningful actions that not only can prevent recurrence but also eliminate the cycle of mitigation, repair and restoration may be rare to nonexistent. When we ask, “What identical things need the same fix?” and, “What problems could this fix cause?” we seek to expose the system ramifications we are truly facing - (ref. Kepner-Tregoe).

I'd like to hear from those in this Community where the benefits from your Augury deployment have also lead to broader successes as related to "thinking beyond the fix". This might include challenging current practices or adopting new systems in the areas of tribology, machine installation and setup, changes in engineered designs or changes in specified equipment.

Looking forward to hearing your stories!