FAQ: How do I adjust the alarm sensitivity?


How do I adjust the alarm sensitivity?

Augury sensor alarm sensitivity can't be adjusted. The AI algorithms don't set the machine health status, rather the vibration analyst does. The analysts follow standard best practices relating to severity assessment which is based on the risk of failure, not simply a strict amplitude level as with a threshold-based system. The vibration analysts consider the machine type, the historical data, the rate of change, the fault type, and the criticality among other factors to make the severity assessment. If you have a particularly critical machine you would like the analyst to err on the side of caution on, in any borderline situations, please notify them.

However, user-set thresholds can be set and adjusted but should only be done in conjunction with your RSM to ensure the best results since, in 99% of cases, there isn't a need for a manually set threshold due to the precision of the AI. Our research shows that the Augury system produces 20% fewer false alarms than threshold-based systems while at the same time maintaining 99% accuracy against misses. If you have concerns about your thresholds please contact your RSM.

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