The Inside Scoop | August 1, 2023

Product Update

Soon you'll be able to access The Endpoint from inside the Augury platform! Learn more in the video and product release below. If you have questions please contact the community manager @Samantha Isin

08.23 Release - The Endpoint

Anticipated Release Date: August 2023

What is it?

An actual in-app experience with a module fielding all of the “help” requirements without making you leave the platform to access them. You'll be able to access content from the community forums, the knowledge center, and the academy training courses, in addition to in-app product updates.

Recent Discussions

What might cause the U-Curve of Fault Rate vs Intermittency?

dstern Jul 25, 2023

Hi all! My name is Dov Stern and I'm one of the product managers at Augury! Using our leading Machine Health database, we can discover new relationships with fault rates in machines. With your collaboration, we can turn those relationships into insights to help you bring fault rates down. Help us discover why fault rates peak for machines at the intersection of continuous and intermittent operation…Read more

Member Spotlight

Meet Linda Whitehead @ Molson Coors

Samantha Isin Jul 27, 2023

Meet Linda Whitehead, a seasoned electrician with a passion for preparedness and maintenance. As a CBM (Condition-Based Maintenance) specialist at Molson Coors, Linda has established herself as a highly skilled professional in the field, with a focus on utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance equipment performance and efficiency. Linda's journey into her current role as a CBM/Electrician…Read More

August Events

August Events! Join us for a party!

Grace Wang 9:16 am

We have a lot of events planned for this year, and would love to catch you in person or as a virtual attendee! For the month of August, you’ll find Augury at:

Flip this Factory Episode 1 | August 30

Advanced Manufacturing Expo | August 10-11, Grand Rapids MI

WiM Annual Summit | September 25 - 27 (we’re opening the general session on day 1), San Diego, CA, Booth 5

SMRP | October 16 - 19, Orlando FL (Nat Mills has a session), booth 102

American Food Manufacturing | November 14 - 15, Lombard IL

IMC | December 4-7, Marco Island, FL, Booth 413

New Articles

Setting Up And Managing Your Machine Health Notifications - The Endpoint

Setting up notifications correctly is a critical aspect of an effective condition-monitoring system for several reasons: Timely response. When condition-monitoring sensors detect an issue, the quicker the response, the less potential damage is likely to occur. Fast response times can minimize downtime, reduce repair costs…Read More