The Inside Scoop 🍦 | July 25, 2023

Product Updates

07.23 Release - Enhanced IoT Visibility on the Machine Page

Anticipated Release Date: Thursday, July 27, 2023

What is it?

Users can now identify what machines are experiencing IoT issues and specific details from the machine page and building breakdown as well as the IoT Health tab…Read More

Recent Discussions

Did this manufacturer just save $9M in downtime, maintenance, and cleaning costs?

Amy Marchesi Jul 20, 2023

Check out this blog to see how a proactive maintenance team was able to avoid a big dent to their budget utilizing continuous monitoring data, advanced AI, and expert reliability communication and guidance to repair a problem in a vital air handling unit…Read More

Change Management or creating the "PUSH & PULL" in your organization

Terry LeDoux Jul 19, 2023

At a recent conference I was approached with several questions regarding "Change Management" at the corporate and factory level. How did we achieve the speed of deployment and scaling of digital solutions including Augury. First we had to adopt a paradigm shift…Read More

Weekly Best Practice

You are important to the success of the program

Christian Smith Jul 24, 2023

Augury can be thought of as both a tool and a service. As is often proclaimed with tools - if you don’t use it or if you “leave it on the shelf collecting dust” it won’t work. And a service presumes that there is a relationship and an exchange of value. With some services such as Netflix or Spotify, it is a pretty straightforward SaaS (software as a service) relationship.  With Augury there is a SaaS component…Read More

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