The Inside Scoop | July 11, 2023

3 Reasons to Join the Conversation

The Endpoint has a lot to offer, one being access to the combined minds of hundreds of manufacturing professionals and the Augury team in the community forums.

All you have to do is ask.

Need to troubleshoot issues with equipment? Ask the community for help.

Need your team to trust Augury to correctly and accurately diagnose your machines? Ask the community how.

Need to justify a machine health solution like Augury to your organization? Ask they community how they did it.

Make a post here.

Recent Discussions

Process Health Poll

Ed Ballina Jul 7, 2023

Unique opportunity to test…almost Zero cost to try!

Alvaro Cuba Jul 10, 2023

Manufacturing plants face multiple internal and external demands, many moving parts and a significant number of decisions to make, all at the same time, while Quality product, more capacity, and increased efficiency is expected every time…Read More

Machine Lubrication and Vibration: An Inseparable Pair

Ray Kyle Jul 5, 2023

Machines do not last forever, but their lives can often be better aligned with business objectives by administering effective maintenance and monitoring programs. In this vein, two common pathways for life extension…Read More

Weekly Best Practice

Report the Wins

Christian Smith Jul 10, 2023

To everything, there is a season. Just as with living things this is true for machines. Despite our best efforts, eventually they fail. With robust Reliability Centered Maintenance programs most unexpected failures can be avoided but unfortunately, not all. It could be human error during a routine PM or a poor…Read More

New Articles

Common Faults: Bearing Lubrication

The disciplines of machinery lubrication and vibration analysis are both critical elements of a reliability-focused culture. Both enable us to stay on the left side of the revered potential failure-failure (P-F) curve. Unfortunately, even in the modern era, these programs often exist in a disconnected state, forgoing the…Read More