The Inside Scoop 🍦 | July 4, 2023

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The State of Production Health 2023

James Newman Jun 27, 2023

We’re excited to share Augury’s new “The State of Production Health 2023” report, which answers these and other industry questions based on input from 500 global manufacturing leaders. Read the report here...Read More

What Causes and How to Prevent Rotating Mechanical Looseness

Andrew Pry Jun 28, 2023

Hey folks, want to know more about one of our most common faults? Check out this article on what causes and how to prevent rotating mechanical looseness. In summary, causes for Rotating Mechanical Looseness can be excessive clearances in internal parts, internal…Read More

Getting to the Endpoint, A Recap of our Launch Event!

Samantha Isin Jun 28, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our launch event!

If you couldn't make it you can access the recording here. You'll hear from Augury's Sr. Director of Community, @Stephanie Hartsog on why Augury decided to build and host The Endpoint. As well as our top community contributor, @Roy Smithson, on the value he's found from The Endpoint over the last few months during our pilot program. Thank you both! You also see a demo…Read More

Weekly Best Practice

Read Between the Lines

Christian Smith 10:02 am

Our goal as Analysts at Augury is to provide you with the most specific and accurate information possible regarding the health of your machines. At times we can be incredibly specific with a diagnostic overview that sounds something like this: “Advanced outer race bearing defects have been identified on the non-driving end of the motor. We recommend scheduling repairs during an upcoming downtime opportunity”. The reason the diagnostic can be so specific is that the digital twin…Read More