What Causes and How to Prevent Structural Looseness

Recently I wrote an article on what causes and can prevent structural looseness, one of the most common faults we see at Augury.

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Eliminating structural looseness is critical to ensure the reliability and maximize the lifecycle of all rotating assets. It is important to remember that structural looseness is often the result of additional underlying faults but can also exist alone due to poor design, installation, or repair.

The best method for eliminating structural looseness is to continuously monitor for vibration faults and address them when present. Motion amplification should also be used when possible to help pinpoint the problematic location.

Addressing these faults early as they appear is critical to eliminate any impacting stress that greatly accelerates the severity of the fault. Doing so will ensure asset uptime and guarantee the longevity of the asset's useful life.

About Motion Amplification

How has Augury helped you resolve structural looseness?