Production Health Community Newsletter | June 13, 2023

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New Discussions

What Causes and How to Prevent Cavitation

Andrew Pry 10:52 am

There are two main types of cavitation; Classic Cavitation and Recirculation Cavitation. Classic cavitation is caused by low suction pressure given the suction temperature and flowrate through the pump. If a tank is the source of liquid for the pump, sometimes a low tank level can cause low suction pressure, and therefore cause cavitation. Other causes may include…read more.

How Healthy Your Processes Are?

Alvaro Cuba Jun 6, 2023

Manufacturers are at different stages in the adoption of advanced monitoring and data collection systems, but all are after more visibility and greater control. Some are using sophisticated tools while others use paper charts / databases to make or at least inform the key decisions to improve their manufacturing operations. Regardless of today's capabilities, most companies…read more.

Industry Triva! Answer to win! Part two!

Amy Marchesi Jun 8, 2023

It’s Trivia Thursday again! Here are some industry trivia questions to get you thinking. Direct message @Samantha Isin by the end of the month with your answers and if you're right you'll win a prize…read more.

Weekly Best Practice

Always log ALL maintenance activities (PMs, etc)

Christian Smith Jun 12, 2023

In the last several best practices we’ve discussed how important context is to our analysts and algorithms. This week we’ll focus on maintenance activities. When maintenance activities are performed, whether it is simple maintenance such as lubricating bearings or major repairs such as replacing an entire compressor, it is best practice to log it on the relevant machine page in the Augury platform. By doing so you…read more.

Member Spotlight

Meet Jason Dean @ Essity

Samantha Isin 9:50 am

In 2005, @Jason Dean started working his way through the ranks at Essity. He was recently promoted to the position of maintenance leader. When he started his new role, eight assets were in danger of failure. Within six months…read more.

New Articles

FAQ: How do we return defective hardware?

Samantha Isin Jun 12, 2023

If you are in the US or Canada you can request a return label through the support function in the Augury App. For all other geographies please contact your customer success manager.

Cavitation - Augury Community

Cavitation is the formation and subsequent collapse of a vapor inside a liquid. Cavitation occurs in centrifugal pumps and can cause severe damage and disrupt operations. The damage results from bubbles collapsing and discharging energy. The severity of the damage depends on the liquid being pumped as well as the…read more.

June Events

We have a lot of events planned for this year, and would love to catch you in person if you'll be at any. For the month of June, we'll be at:

WEF: Industrial AI initiative event, Turkey, 6/13

American Packaging Summit, Lombard, IL, 6/13-6/14

Connected Manufacturing Forum, Atlanta, GA, 6/27-6/28

McKinsey European Summit, ‘European Competitiveness Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, 6/30