Production Health Community Newsletter | May 23, 2023

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Integration with CMS solutions

Terry LeDoux May 18, 2023

@Christian Smith post of May 15th "Provide as Much Information as possible to get the Best Analysis Possible" was enlightening. So the question the to user base is: Has anyone integrated their CMS solution to Augury?…Read More

Industry Triva! Answer to win!

Amy Marchesi May 18, 2023

It’s Thursday! Here are some industry trivia questions to get you thinking. Direct message @Samantha Isin by the end of the month with your answers and if you're right you'll win a prize! Read More

Should cost be One of your key purchasing decisions for Digital Solutions?

Terry LeDoux May 18, 2023

Over the past several weeks I have been asked repeatedly if cost was a key decision point to digital applications we purchased and implemented in our manufacturing and distribution sites. My answer has always been the same. Cost was NOT part of the decision. ROI (Return on investment) was a key decision point once proof of value was completed. Why would we not invest in something that pays for itself plus some? If could invest $1000 today and achieve a $7000 dollar return 12 months, would you make the investment? … Looking for anyone struggling in the justification space to provide comments of questions…Read More

This Week's Best Practice

Always Report Changes to Endpoints

Christian Smith May 22, 2023

Machine health analysis is both an art and a science.  It relies on accurate inputs and assumptions. By logging any maintenance activities related to endpoints such as battery, orientation, remounting, or location changes inside the relevant machine page, you can ensure the most accurate diagnostic results…Read More

Member Spotlight

Meet Alex Pastor @ GAF

@Alexander Pastor has a passion for data analysis and data science. With a background in process engineering, he currently serves as an Analytics Systems Engineer III at GAF.  Among his major accomplishments, Alex helped launch one of the company's first multi-facility Augury deployments…Read More

New Articles

FAQ: Do we need to pay for spare parts? (Endpoints, Nodes, Batteries)

Replacement parts needed for basic service are included in the subscription cost. Some customers have asked for spare parts kits to perform self-maintenance or other related functions and we’re exploring that option now. We expect to announce an on-site spare program later in the year.