FAQ: How much time do I have to repair machines in alarm or danger?


Predicting the specific time to failure with great accuracy is difficult because there are unknown future variables at play such as how often the machine will run, what the load will be, and the lubrication practices, etc. Instead, we choose our health statuses based on the risk of failure. Those categories have been proven to be very accurate and can help to prioritize maintenance and operating decisions.

Once a machine is in Alarm, there is a substantial risk that the machine will fail even if the data doesn’t show a worsening any further. The machine may last 6-9 months, but it could also fail next week. But the issues will not go away on their own and maintenance is recommended to remove the risk of failure. We recommend securing spare parts and scheduling repairs for a convenient downtime opportunity once a machine reaches Alarm.

For Danger
, the risk of failure has increased. We still recommend securing spare parts and scheduling repairs for a downtime opportunity, but it should be at the next downtime opportunity, and machines in Danger should be prioritized ahead of those in Alarm.

For machines covered by our Machine Health CR solution, you can also engage with our Vibration Analysts via the Threads feature on the Augury platform, or by working with your customer success team, if you want to get any other advice on possible courses of action.

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