Preventive, Predictive and Prescriptive

Scott Reed
Scott Reed ✭✭✭
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Last week @Ryan Delaney submitted the post "Reevaluating Augury Monitored Machines Time Based Maintenance Plans". In this post he describes very well the opportunity and benefit in using the Augury platform and machine health insights to move from Preventive Maintenance (PM) into the realm of Predictive Maintenance (PdM). As Ryan explains, "instead of replacing at random pre-determined times, we can now replace machine components only when the data demands it". In short, the Predictive Analytics utilized in asset performance management considers the information of the past along with the current state to forecast potential future outcomes; i.e. "what could happen and when". This enables the maintenance function to schedule corrective actions before a failure occurs.

But what is it that sets Prescriptive apart from Predictive? Prescriptive Maintenance (RxM) doesn’t just show that failure is going to happen and when, but also why it’s happening. This type of maintenance helps analyze and determine different options and potential outcomes, in order to mitigate any risk to the operation.

Consider a mature PdM function and culture within an operation that as part of a CI program is tasked with defining further opportunities to reduce overall scheduled maintenance cycles as well as the variations within the cycles themselves which can run in conflict with customer order commitments, promised ship dates, product inventories, supplier/material availabilities or overall costs. A traditional PdM program by itself may not be enough to delve deeper into these opportunities. However, by enabling more information as part of the analytics (consider all inputs, outputs, processes, etc.) RxM provides insights and prescribes actions to improve human decision-making around the desired business outcomes.

Who in this community have made the steps towards RxM as a result of utilizing the Augury platform? What were your outcomes and successes?