Production Health Community Newsletter | May 02, 2023

Upcoming Events

Augury Community Feedback Group

Please join your fellow community members in this brief feedback session to share what your experience has been so far and what you hope it will be in the future. We will also have updates on the future of the community so stay tuned! There are two meeting options to accommodate time zones and schedules, please join whichever is most convenient for you.  To show our appreciation for your feedback we will be sending out a small thank you to all the participants in the session. So if you're motivated by food like I am, definitely join.

Join the event here.

Also see Augury at:

WEF Growth Summit, Geneva, Switzerland 5/2 - 5/3 Global Industrials Conference, New York City, NY 5/16 Bain's Factory of the Future event, Amsterdam 5/16

Weekly Best Practices

Reevaluating Augury Monitored Machines Time Based Maintenance Plans

Ryan Delaney May 1, 2023

Once an Augury program has been implemented at a facility and has gotten to a mature state, it's important to consider reevaluating any past machine health strategies that may have been implemented, such as time-based PMs, that involve replacing components at a certain interval. Of course, we cannot eliminate the need for all PMs. There will always be a need for things like lubrication, filter changes, inspections, etc. However it likely no longer makes sense to replace machine components on a time-based interval now that you have Augury monitoring the machine's health constantly…Read More

Member Spotlight

Meet Roy @ Frito Lay

Samantha Isin 6:04 am

In his role as a PDM technician for Frito Lay, Roy Smithson uses predictive maintenance technologies to monitor and maintain equipment performance. He began his career in reliability more than 20 years ago, when he attended ultrasonic training on the recommendation of his plant engineer. He initially used the technology to find air leaks, but later expanded it to running ultrasonic routes on production lines. When he noticed that failures were still occurring despite running the routes on a monthly basis, he started running them every two weeks. By increasing his frequency, Roy began detecting more issues before they happened…Read More

New Articles

Offline Installation: Activate and Power Up - Augury Community

The offline installation allows you to perform Endpoint (EP) installations and mapping without a completed Customer Action Lists (CALs). This process applies mainly to the following actions: providing power outlets and connectivity to Augury Nodes and Routers. One or both of the following installation scenarios discussed…Read More

Using and Understanding Bookmarks - Augury Community

Great benefits in just a few steps The Augury Bookmarks feature helps build a database of significant events, machine wins, or learnings that can be shared and used to track your program’s success. You can use it on any event in your machines’ timelines. On the Machines Page, select the event and click on the Bookmark icon…Read More