Production Health Community Newsletter | April 11, 2023

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Laser alignment tools

Brian Gonzalez Apr 4, 2023

I am looking for laser alignment tools for shaft and belt/ pulley alignments that are robust and can stand up to rough treatment. Does anyone have recommendations? Read more…

How can Machine/Process Health drive improvements in Engineering Design?

Terry LeDoux Apr 5, 2023

Looking for input across Augury sites/users to better understand the potential benefit Machine/Process Health in engineering/process design improvements. Many of us have been Augury users for several years (with like equipment and or processes across multiple sites) where Augury devices and tools have identified potential failures. Has anyone made the larger data leap (using data provided by within the Augury data set) to review common failures that can be designed out of the machine or process? Read more…

Weekly Best Practices

4 Steps to Get New Augury Users Up To Speed Quickly

Ryan Delaney Apr 10, 2023

As roles change at the site, new Augury users need resources to enable them to utilize the valuable machine health information in the platform and optimize internal planning to avoid costly breakdowns. Here are some basic steps to follow for new Augury users. Read more…

New Articles

FAQ: What are the most common types of faults?

Samantha Isin Apr 7, 2023

Augury's AI-driven diagnostics analyze 850+ unique machines feature sets per machine. Using these features, our algorithms are trained to capture what fault is developing, how to fix it, and when to take action. 10 most common types of faults are… Read more…

Member Spotlight

Meet Bill Hollman @ Nefco

Samantha Isin April 4

As Corporate Operations and Safety Manager, @Bill Hollman is responsible for monitoring all NEFCO plants nationwide, ensuring safe and reliable operations. Shortly after joining NEFCO, he was heavily involved in the construction and commissioning of a large greenfield facility…
Read More…

April Events

We have a lot of events planned for this year and would love to catch you in person if you'll be at any. For the month of April, we'll be at:

North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit (NAMES), 4/16 to 4/18 in Fort Worth, TX

TAPPICon, 4/22 to 4/26 in Atlanta, GA

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