Production Health Community Newsletter | March 28, 2023

Samantha Isin
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Latest Discussions

What do you wish your System Integrator could do for your Production Health program today?

Hari Viswanathan Mar 23, 2023

Many System Integrators offer services to customers to maintain, support, and keep production lines up based on service agreements. What do you wish you could improve about your service experience with your System Integrators? Read More

Include your work order/request number in the Augury repair log

Ryan Delaney Mar 20, 2023

Augury provides an optional “work order #” field in the repair form for your benefit. While repair and fault details are critical for accurate equipment history and diagnostics, it is also recommended to record the work order number from your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) into the Augury repair form for easy reference in the future…Read More

Endpoints how we keep them secure.

Roy Smithson Mar 21, 2023

We have a couple of areas in the plant, that if the endpoint came loose and fell off, it could get into our product or hit someone walking under them. We are using a stainless steel cable and aluminum sleeves to secure our endpoints. How are you securing your endpoints? Read More

Developing Trust - The Big Win

Scott Reed Mar 21, 2023

In this community there are several discussions related to gaining trust and ultimate adoption of the Augury alerts and platform overall. Addressing the trust factor is a natural part of the implementation process and should be deliberately and purposely part of the onboarding, communications and training of the operating personnel… I'd love to hear other examples where the Augury Machine Health insights have identified shortcomings in your current practices and ultimately built trust within your organization…Read More

Adding new members to the community

Brian Gonzalez 8:26 am

I am project lead for installing Augury into multple sites. I was wondering if there was a way for me to add the new users to the community…Read More

Weekly Best Practices

Use Bookmarks to Highlight Memorable or Noteworthy Events on the Machine Page

Ryan Delaney Mar 27, 2023

The bookmarks feature allows you to bookmark any significant event in your machine’s timeline and track its impact on your operations. This information is incredibly useful for building a database of significant events, machine wins or learnings that can be shared across your entire organization…Read More

New Articles

FAQ: How long does it take for machines to come out of baseline?

Stephanie Hartsog Mar 24, 2023

Machines with Alarm and Danger conditions are likely to be baselined within a few days to give you as much warning as possible. Because we have such a large library of machine faults and failure modes, we can begin detecting many potential faults even before baselining is completed. Some machines will come right out of baseline with recommendations for improvement for existing faults…Read More

New Product Release

03.23 Release - Augury Community

Marking the Site. Customers can now define and mark the hierarchy that reflects their organization’s physical sites. This new capability lays the foundation for future developments like…Read More

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