An Overview of CMMS<>Augury Integrations with Matt Bernhard


Today I’m happy to share a recent interview with @Matt Bernhard, the go-to man at Augury for interoperability. We are here to answer some of the more common questions about CMMS integrations with Augury and to share two new articles with you. Please direct any questions or feedback to @Matt Bernhard in the comments below. 

Q: Is Augury capable of integrating with CMMS?

A: Yes, Augury can be integrated with almost any CMMS platform including SAP, Infor, Maximo, Maintenance Connection, and many more.

Q: Is CMMS integration included as part of my Augury Machine Health program?

A: Yes, as part of the Augury Machine Health program we provide access to our integration toolkit which is based on public APIs. 

Q: How do I get started with CMMS integration?
A: The primary path by which you can achieve a successful integration with their CMMS is through the API. If you do not have the technical resources to build the integration points between the Augury platform to move data in and out of your CMMS you can either leverage a third party system integrator or we can help you get in touch with a partner that will help deliver the integration for you.

We're expanding on our current capabilities with new development monitoring tools in the first half of this year. We're also looking at how we take more of an assisted integration approach, where we're taking on some of the integration capabilities for our customers that don't have the ability to do so.

Q: Will Work Orders (WOs) be automatically created/updated based on Augury MHI?

A: Yes, WOs can automatically be created following your maintenance workflows and practices.  Most commonly, Augury Health Statuses of Alarm and Danger are used as the event to trigger WO creation in CMMS.

Q: Can the CMMS integration automatically link my Work Orders to machines in the Augury platform?

A: Yes, the CMMS integration allows you to automatically embed a link in your Work Order so you can simply click to view the Augury machine.  

Q: Will IoT monitoring be part of the integration?

A: Not today, we have not yet developed external IoT alert APIs, we are considering this functionality as part of the ongoing Product roadmap. 

Q: How are the assets in my CMMS linked to the machines in the Augury platform?

A: An important part of implementing a CMMS integration is synchronizing your CMMS asset information with the Augury platform. The Augury platform provides tools to map your asset information, our Customer Success and Support team will help you with this process.  

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