Production Health Community Newsletter | March 14, 2023

Samantha Isin
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Influence Augury by Providing Your Feedback

Asset List Feedback

Rotem Elad Mar 2, 2023

My name is Rotem and I am a product manager at Augury. As part of our discovery into what works and what doesn't [with regards to the asset list] we have a couple of questions for you…Share your feedback

Share the story of the impact you've made on your business and employees with Machine Health

David Eisenstadt Mar 10, 2023

We’re interested in capturing stories and data that reflect the impact you’ve made on your operations and people by implementing Machine Health. As some industries are seeing demand soften and production levels decline, it’s important to consider the whole value of a Machine Health solution, and not only the costs of lost production...Share your feedback

Latest Discussions

How do you estimate the Return On Investment (ROI) of every Augury sensor?

Antonio Muniz Mar 12, 2023

Hi everyone! #Predictive#Prescriptive Maintenance has the potential to revolutionize the way we maintain our facilities and operations. By collecting data on current maintenance and operations costs, analyzing the types of sensors and analytics available, and determining what areas may be improved by Maintenance, we can get a better idea of the Return On Investment (ROI) we can expect…Read More

Using Augury for feedback while transitioning from Planned Maintenance to Autonomous Maintenance

Adam Kilgore Mar 9, 2023

As we are transitioning our periodic hammermill tasks from maintenance to operations, we are using Augury to provide feedback on success or opportunities for improvement. In the attached picture, we actually had a negative trend after an operator rotated the hammers on February 23rd. We use that to identify training opportunities or other options to support the transition…Read More

What Implementation Processes did you use to Drive End User Participation?

Terry LeDoux Mar 8, 2023

@Roy Smithson brought up an interesting point regarding end user/Maintenance Tech buy in to use Augury in the Factory Environment. I am interested in learning how others created a "pull process" within their teams to speed up implementation and ROI. How did your team drive the emotional participation of the implementation and sustain phases?…Read More

Weekly Best Practices

Make good use of the "wins" that occur with the Augury program

Ryan Delaney Mar 13, 2023

A typical win is an event where Augury successfully identified a machine health issue ahead of an unexpected failure AND the on-site team took action before it failed. These types of events are automatically posted on under the Success and Impact tab. For each win, we will collaborate to quantify the win's impact…Read More

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Member Spotlight

Meet Antonio Muniz @Essity

Samantha Isin Mar 9, 2023

Antonio Muniz is the Manufacturing Excellence Manager at Essity. He started at the company as a process engineer in a paper machine and later became a production manager in converting lines for personal care. Antonio is proud of the sense of community that working with Augury has created within Essity…Read More

New Article

FAQs - The beginning.

Samantha Isin Mar 10, 2023

How quickly should we receive feedback from your reliability team/VA?

Both the reliability success team (RSM) and the vibration analysts (VA) teams at Augury strive to address feedback within 24 hours. Urgent tickets, such as potentially dangerous observations, are prioritized over non-urgent requests, such as a repair. Non-urgent requests received on weekends or during nighttime hours will be addressed on the next available business day…Read More

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