Share the story of the impact you've made on your business and employees with Machine Health


We’re interested in capturing stories and data that reflect the impact you’ve made on your operations and people by implementing Machine Health. As some industries are seeing demand soften and production levels decline, it’s important to consider the whole value of a Machine Health solution, and not only the costs of lost production.

If you're interested in participating in a discussion on this topic, please message me in the community or send me an email ( and we will schedule an interview. Or, share your story with the community in the comments below.

Interview participants should plan for meetings that would run 30-60 minutes and cover topics such as:  How have maintenance operations changed since implementation of Machine Health?  Where do you see these changes reflected in performance indicators?  What obstacles to change did you encounter in adopting Machine Health and how did you overcome them?  What effect has machine health had on the day-to-day work of your maintenance team and how do you measure this?